March 7, 2014

Book review: The Book of Sight

A book can be a wonderful gift.

When Alex received an unexpected package, she never dreamed the book it contained would change her life forever. After all, the words inside were gibberish.

She had no idea the places that book would take her, the friends that book would help her make or the wonders that book would reveal.

She had no clue the trouble that book would bring, either.

A book can be a dangerous gift.

A book about books? Color me intrigued! I bought this freebie of Amazon because it had a cute cover, a promising rating, and the synopsis sounded good, too. It was a promising start so I was egaer to find out more.
The story introduces us to a fourteen-year-old Alex and her out-of-this-world father. It was a cute family with cute quirks. The whole thing had this Middle Grade air around it so I thought it'll be a funny adventurous read I'll power through like it was nothing. Then when Alex got a book, the adventure would really begin. Exciting!
Yeah, not so much. It saddened me that the gifted book's story, despite being a book of sight and therefore more picturesque than wordy, didn't have an actual story to tell. I hoped it would be narrative of what Alex saw and learned, but it was just a bunch of seemingly random and barely connected phrases thrown together between a whole bunch of triple dots. I was really unimpressed because the story Alex read was important for her to find the places she had and meet the people she did. It would be a much better solution to just write down the story and not confuse the reader that way. I barely had any idea what happened seeing how the book's book's story (not a typo!) was kind of the center of the entire plot.
This got fixed later in, but I still had no idea how the story started, so I couldn't enjoy it as much as I could. The second chapter of the book in the book (confusing, I know!) was a bit better. It actually had a short story, but it was really really short. I wished for more. But as I learned later on, we'd get to learn the rest in other books in the series.
We also had magical creatures and mysterious places. It was a very typical fantastical story, with all the 'right' elements and happenings, more or less. It was also very juvenile, I found. The writing was good at times, but at other times rather childish, like written by a child in the first place. It was very stereotypical and a little predictable as well.
It was also rather fast in happening. If the narration was slower and more explained, the book would be better. Because the idea had potential - a lot of it - but the execution was a bit poor at times. There was also a LOT of dialogue at times, more like a monologue by the characters. Just endless talking without the pauses or anything. It got tiresome fast.
There were also Spanish paragraphs, and I love when the book has foreign languages, kind of makes it more legit I guess, but I did wish there were also translations or summaries. I understand a bit of Spanish so I knew what it was about, but not everyone can say that. 
I quite liked the characters. Besides Alex, we also meet Adam, Logan, Eve, and later on Dominic. They are very different from one another, they seem to have nothing in common but the book. I liked their ragtag characteristics, the influence on one another, the friendship they managed to create. They were simply done, but it was a simple, easy book, not too complicated, so the characters were the same. They were also flawed and that's what I liked most. Nobody was perfect, they all had something about them, even though it was a little cliché.
The book was just interesting enough to keep me reading it, and just funny enough I chuckled a few times reading it as well. It was a fun and quick read, probably better for kids than for myself, but I sort of enjoyed it nevertheless. Towards the end, the pace slowed down, the story got more interesting, and I found myself finally being interested. The ending was such a cliffhanger I have to break my promise of not reading on, and read on!
It was a cute read I enjoyed, and if it had a better start, it would be really good! I think it's a perfect read for kids around 14, 15, maybe even younger, but I am probably too old already. Still, I want to find out what happened next!

A promising book!


  1. See, I'd never heard about this one so after reading the synopsis and then your summary of it at the top there, I was getting excited about this one! A story about a magical book sounds RIGHT up my alley!
    ...but yeah, now my mind's changed I think. I don't like how confusing it seems to have started out. And that first chapter in the book in the book (gah!) and not really understand what the hell was going on there would bug me throughout the book I think haha And to be honest, the juvenile writing style and predictable elements kind of bum me out too. I am curious about the characters though, seeing as how you seem to have enjoyed them a lot. And like you said, it held your interest throughout. I might keep this one on the maybe pile for now. But thanks for bringing it to my attention Ula and GREAT review ^^

    1. Ah no, wait, let's see.. The books' books' first chapter, so actually the book the MC gets in the mail, its first chapter is weird.
      The actually story (TBoS) is all connected.
      But yeah, it was an easy predictable read. Fun to pass time but it was no breathtaker. :)
      Thanks for reading!