September 1, 2014

September Dystopia Challenge Linky

It's already September! Insane. That means school already started for most people, teenagers and university students alike... I hope you have a nice start, it's not too stressful, and that you still find time to read and review dystopia books!
For those that have seen the end of holidays and are back to work, my thoughts are with you as well.

I haven't gotten anyone to ask me for a new badge in a while, so if you have a new badge to earn, email me!

Again, make sure to read the RULES and FAQ for this year's challenge, I am more strict than I was in 2013. I will be checking the links you post, so please do not waste your (or my) time cheating.

If you plan to review the books you will read, post the links to reviews into the linky below. You can post more than one, of course, but make them WORTH READING. One-sentenced reviews are a no-go, and three-sentenced aren't much better. Please, take your time and do the job properly!

Like mentioned before, rereads are allowed, but not rereading the same book 5 times in a row! Also, if you're reading a series, each individual book counts as 1 book read. Short stories and novellas (.5 novels etc.) do NOT count as one book, so please stick to that! When you read 4, I can count it as one, but definitely not before. I hope you read this because I keep getting the same questions about this. I know it sounds harsh but if I counted novellas, you'd all be done in January. Make an effort!

For more info click the header.

When you reach a new level, send me an email letting me know. I'll check your reviews (or your read pile on Goodreads or similar) and give you a badge for you to post on your blog.

September Dystopia Challenge Linky

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  1. Wow! I didn't realize that you gave badges for the levels achieved; so exciting! I'd like to see if you could possibly e-mail me mine? I'll shoot you an email; also, I didn't know that we could share our reviews! I have a good handful to share, so is it okay to share them in the link above? Even though the reviews do not fall in September?