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Cbp Fitness Test Forum

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If you can't think of ways that you are unique from other candidates, ask a few friends or family members. I was a very good student, had years of spanish under my belt, and was more physically fit than many of the kids my age.

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Jobtestprep's customs and border protection entrance exam preppack™ includes cbp study guides and practice tests, covering all of the different topics you can expect to see on your exam.

Cbp fitness test forum. 5/1/18 email and phone call from cbp adjudicator: Just had the cbp fitness test today. Cbp officer physical fitness test 1 | u.s.

• my medical exam was done in early august. The pft1 was set up to test the bare minimum amount of fitness required to be an agent. What do i do with the paperwork once the test has been conducted?

Same with the finger print thing. Customs and border protection (cbp) officer. Made 26 push ups, 16 sit ups, finish the side steps, and the 5 minutes up up down down step.

Cbp_obt trainees receive extensive training in title 8 immigration law, title 19 customs law and all other laws, rules and regulations that cbp enforces nationwide. Cbp field operations academy | u.s. Your best plan is to train to be able to pass the final fitness test on day one.

<br> <br>a new border patrol agent attends a spanish class at the u. 5/15/18 sent my response to nopa: The tests will be conducted in this order:

I'm just worried i haven't even taken my si when some people take it in less than a month after submitting their bi packet, or similar. • i scheduled and took the test one and a half week later. • received my tentative offer another week after my test results.

Cbp officer fitness testing fact sheet congratulations on your tentative selection as a u.s. If you can't pass the step test, there is no way you would have passed the run. I guess you and i are in the same waiting list.

And a 1.5 mile run that is finished in less than 17 minutes and 15 seconds. The scoring requirements have changed, please refer to your training manual for additional details. • got my results one week later and passed.

5 minutes step is the hardest one.hopefully i passed. My sit up didn't met the required in 60 sec. Prior to administering the cbpo fitness test, read the administrator instructions and fitness fact sheet provided in the links to the right.

Send all fitness paperwork to chs via email ( or fax (703.760. 2008 i applied for the united states border patrol and passed the written test with a 93%. (3 days ago) detail with vocal prompts.

Heck i saw people who passed the pft1 and pft2 get sent home from the academy without jobs because they couldn't meet the pt standards, so for a person who can't pass the easiest. Of course, we also welcome those who are currently employed by cbp or anyone else who would like to join in the conversation. The pushup test is a timed test where you will be required to complete 20 proper form pushups in 1 minute.

5/14/18 notice of proposed action letter: This is a central forum for people interested in discussing and sharing information about obtaining a career as a cbp officer or canine enforcement officer with u.s. What is the scoring system for the cbpo and amo fitness exams?

If you can't pass the step test, there is no way you would have passed the run. The audio file provided in the link to the right. 4th meeting with investigator and the day he submitted everything to cbp:

With the right practice, you will arrive to test day feeling confident and fully prepared. The training philosophy and environment have been dynamically enhanced in order to train to the highest law enforcement standards. I applied to the regular cbp officer position.

Cbp officer physical fitness test 1 | u.s. The step test is composed of three exercises which you must all pass if you want to keep your conditional employment offer with the cbp. I'm wondering if i passes the test.

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